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"Connection to the server cannot be established(unable to access Remote Node)"


From the CUCM Unified serviceability console, if we try to get to the "other" node, we get this error message


"Connection to the server cannot be established(unable to access Remote Node)"


Error Snapshot:

  • Regenerated Tomcat & ipsec certificates on the publisher and subscriber. 


OS Administration -> Security -> Certificate Management -> find -> tomcat.pem | ipsec.pem -> click & Regenerate them



  • After regenerating the certificates, I restarted the Cisco Tomcat service on the publisher and subscriber via the CLI by running the command 'utils service restart Cisco Tomcat'. 


  • After restarting the service, we were able to see the services page from the publisher of the subscriber and vice-versa.

You may contact me on for further information on this or contact Cisco TAC

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Hi Mohit,

i have the same issue here and i am wondering if it has an impact for Jabber client for windows?

if i regenerate the certificates do you know if i open my jabber i will have the popup about certificate?

or there's no impact for the users?



Ran into this on version 10.5 (seen on other versions as well).  Regenerating the certs didn't fix the problem.  Further checking revealed that the Tomcat-Trust certificates on the remote server didn't match what was on the publisher and vice versa.

Downloaded the publisher trust cert from the pub, and replaced on the subs where it didn't match.  Did the same procedure on subs back to the pub with their trust certs.

Restarted Tomcat on everything and then things were back to normal. 

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Hi Daniel,


There should not be any impact on Jabber clients