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"Error: Composite Host ID Mismatch" when uploading license files in CUCM/CUP 8.x in VMWare

TAC has seen a number of service requests relating to license issues on CUCM & CUPS 8.0 on VMWare.

You may encounter this issue when migrating from a physical server to VMWare, following the re-hosting of your license files.  When uploading your new license file(s), following file validation you will see the following error:

Error: Composite Host ID Mismatch

If you examine the license files you will see the following conditions:

INCREMENT SW_FEATURE cisco 8.0 permanent uncounted \
VENDOR_STRING=<Count>1</Count><OrigMacId>ABCDEF123456</OrigMacId><LicMacId>ABCDEF123456</LicMacId><LicFileVersion>2.0</LicFileVersion>  \

INCREMENT PHONE_UNIT cisco 5.0 permanent uncounted \
VENDOR_STRING=<Count>100</Count><OrigMacId>ABCDEF123456</OrigMacId><LicMacId>ABCDEF123456</LicMacId><LicFileVersion>2.0</LicFileVersion>  \

INCREMENT CCM_NODE cisco 5.0 permanent uncounted \
VENDOR_STRING=<Count>2</Count><OrigMacId>ABCDEF123456</OrigMacId><LicMacId>ABCDEF123456</LicMacId><LicFileVersion>2.0</LicFileVersion>  \

In this case, the License Mac Address is 001234AABBCC in CUCM or CUP but the OrigMacId & LicMacId parameters do not match.  We are working to correct the process so that this is not necessary, but if you have re-hosted your licenses and meet the conditions above, you will want to contact Cisco licensing and have them modify your files to reflect the correct values.

Please keep in mind that at the time this document was written Cisco UC products are only supported virtualized on select Cisco UCS platforms.  For further information, please reference requirements on