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Russian DST 2014 – CUCM

A new law, adopted by the Government of the Russian Federation, is entering into force on the 26th of October 2014. According to this law the updated list of time zones will be introduced, and the area of ​​Russia will be divided into 11 zones.


All changes of time zones are included into a single list, called Olsen Time Zone and existing under the auspices of IANA. At the time of writing this article version 2014h is available:

All major corrections, applicable for Russia, were introduced in version 2014f.


In order to make updates to the CUCM Improvement Defect CSCuq87143 "DST / TZ data upgrade with 2014f." was opened. Basing on this defect the development team has created a cop-file with an updated list of time zones - ciscocm.dst-updater.2014f ____. cop.sgn. At the time of writing, the file is being tested, and the exact file name is not known, it is important to specify the version 2014f.


That Cop-file will be released for free download at the end of the tests, not earlier than November 2014.

Below example for Moscow time-zone is described based on workaround for CSCuq87143


Phones' Time.


After the transition to winter time the phones will rush for one hour. To avoid this, on page System-> Device Pool must select Device Pool, in which there are telephones.  For this DP we can see used Date / Time Group.



Then on the web-page of this Date/Time Group (System-> Date / Time Group) we should change Time Zone to "(GMT +3: 00) Etc. / GMT -3".


Run Apply Config: Phones commit reboot and will show the correct time.


Server time.


The time and time zone is set on the server as well. The time zone and the version of the Olsen Timezone file can be found by connecting via SSH and issuing the command "show timezone config".


Full list of available time zones and their corresponding codes can be seen with the command "show timezone list"


On the screenshot it can be seen that “new” Moscow time-zone (Etc / GMT-3) ​​corresponds to a code of 333,and  it can be set with the command "set timezone 333". Be aware that the time-zone for GMT + 3  Etc / GMT-3 should be selected, for Etc / GMT-4 we should choose GMT + 4  and so on.


After that, the server will prompt you to restart.




It is important to note that changing the time zone on the server is not always painless.


For CUCM 8.X, installed on a virtual environment ESXi, Time Zone is one of the parameters used to generate the License MAC. In this regard, after changing the time zone, it will be necessary to make the transfer of licenses for new MAC with a query on


For CUCM, mounted on hardware servers, MAC-address of the physical interface licenses is used for the generation of licenses.


Beginning with the 9th version of CUCM license is generation is based on a request from the ELM, so the rehost of licenses is not needed.