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Service Discovery Using User Data Service - Slides from live webcast

During this live event, Cisco subject matter experts Raees Shaikh and Vasanth Kumar will focus on implementing Intercluster Lookup Service (ILS) networks in enterprise deployments, then using ILS to build an enterprise network with User Data Service (UDS) for service discovery of Jabber clients. This session serves as a foundation for collaboration edge deployment.


•              ILS Network Setup         

•              User Data Service           

•              Jabber Client Service Discovery                               

•              Troubleshooting Tips    


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Ask the Expert


New Member

Hi Raees and Vasanth,

Can UDS/TLS solve a design where multiple clusters have the same domain name?

How can I direct Jabber Users not on the Internal network to access its CUCM cluster?

  1. Cluster APAC
    1. Jabber APAC Users
  2. Cluster NA
    1. Jabber NA Users
  3. Cluster EU
    1. Jabber EU Users

Unfortunately all CUCM clusters noted above have the same domain name.

How do I direct each Jabber User to their CUCM cluster without using the IP Address of VCS-Edge?

Can I use our external DNS where all Jabber Users have the same DNS name to route to its VCS-Edge?

If having the same domain name of all CUCM clusters can UDS/ILS to solve this configuration roadblock?

My goal is to use DNS and not manually configuring IP addresses on each Jabber client.

Your help is appreciated


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