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Significant Mailstore size difference between Unity Connection Pub and Sub

Introduction :-

In Certain scenarios its noticed that the Mailstore Database size Between the Publisher and Subscriber Unity Connection Servers is different to upto 35%.

Symptoms :-

Issue can be noticed due to difference in size of the Backup .Tar files which are created during Scheduled and Manual Backups.

Secondly, The Backup Procedure takes longer for the Server which has Greater Database size, which is again propostional to the size.

Conditions :-

Currently seen on CUC version 8.5.1, however, impacts all versions Voice Messages being played by WEBINBOX or VMREST

Below is an Example :-

We noticed major size difference in the Backup files and also the time taken for the backup to complete

We checked the size of the maibox store size via root login :-

[root@*****PUB ~]# du -ch /var/opt/cisco/connection/mail/unitymbxdb1 | grep  total

25G     total

[root@*******SUB ~]# du -ch /var/opt/cisco/connection/mail/unitymbxdb1 | grep total

13G     total

We can clearly see a difference of 12G in the Mailstore, even when the Voicemail boxes are similar on both the Servers

Root Cause :-

On further debugging, we found that the difference in mailstore size on PUB and SUB is due to creation of *.pcm.wav file on both the servers.


-rw-r--r--  1 tomcat tomcat     243404 Dec 19 18:40 2864b2e2-4d79-49fd-bd27-54e9f6ebc466_1-pcm.wav

-rw-r--r--  1 tomcat tomcat    3314284 Dec 19 20:11 8c4de13a-9f9f-417c-b577-48914c008326_1-pcm.wav

-rw-r--r--  1 tomcat tomcat    1259084 Dec 19 20:11 ead2a20b-68b1-41b9-b5bf-b4529ca52c4c_1-pcm.wav


Above files are being created by "tomcat" process.

These file will be created corresponding to the wav file, whenever that VoiceMessage will be played through WEBINBOX or VMREST.

WebInbox or vmrest interface converts wav file in to PCM format to play it.

These files may produce a major difference in the Mailstore size, Which leads to UN-necessary Memory overhead and also the Backups take long time due to the increased size

Workaround :-

Manually Delete the *.pcm.wav files via Root access periodically.

Below is the procedure for the Deletion :-

1. Login via Root

2. Find all the files via root -

find / -name *pcm.wav

3. The files would be in the below directory :-


4. Remove the files using the below Commands :-

rm /var/opt/cisco/connection/mail/unitymbxdb1/*.pcm.wav

The above command would remove the files 1 by 1 and would ask for confirmation before deletion of each file.

rm -f /var/opt/cisco/connection/mail/unitymbxdb1/*.pcm.wav

The '-f' Tag would remove all files forcefully in 1 Go.

After all the files are removed the Mailstore Database size would reduce down significantly and both Pub and Sub would have approx equal Backup .Tar files.

Hope this has been informative for you...