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single-passing for analog phones connected to the VG224

My network topo is: Analog phones connect to the vg224 to register to CCM over MGCP.

No problems between ip phones or bewteen analog phones, but between ip phones and analog phones. I can't heard any voice from IP phone side. I tried sccp before, the result is same.

How can I selove the problem?

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Hello Dear,

your working setup is good and fine but as i tested i here in my lab with vg202 and vg204 it is working both protocal and call is fine between ip and analog.

this one way calling issue is due to routing error.

you have missed some routing due to that one way voice is shwoing.

please cross check the whole netwokd and then it will work smarty.


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Thank you!

That's right just like your said.

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Post question in dicussions, not documents.

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Sorry, I just noticed that.