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SIP user agents (UA) for TelePresence


This document describes the available list of User Agent ID’s used for Cisco TelePresence devices
Contributed by Matt Limbrick: Cisco TAC Engineer and John Regan, Vernon Depee & Vireak Tuy: Software Engineers
There are no specific requirements for this document.
Components Used
This document is not restricted to specific software and hardware versions.
The information in this document was created from the devices in a specific lab environment. All of the devices used in this document started with a cleared (default) configuration. If your network is live, make sure that you understand the potential impact of any command.
SIP user agents (UA) for TelePresence

A SIP user agent (UA) is a logical network end-point used to create or receive SIP messages and thereby manage a SIP session. A SIP UA can perform the role of a User Agent Client (UAC), which sends SIP requests, and the User Agent Server (UAS), which receives the requests and returns a SIP response. These roles of UAC and UAS only last for the duration of a SIP transaction.

These are referenced in RFC3261 and RFC6011 “

Every SIP user agent (phone, software, device) identifies itself with a string. The syntax of this string is not defined, but a common practice is <vendor> <product> <firmware version>

Below is an example of the “User-Agent” ID in use in the SDP payload.
User-Agent: TANDBERG/518 (TCNC6.2.0.20b1616)
Supported: replaces,timer,gruu,path,outbound
Session-Expires: 1800
Below is a list of User-Agent ID’s used by Cisco TelePresence devices in the SDP payload:
TC (C-Series/EX/SX/MX) - same for TC and TCNC
For TC7.2.x – TANDBERG/521
For TC7.1.x – TANDBERG/520
For TC7.0.x – TANDBERG/519
For TC6.x.x – TANDBERG/518
For TC5.x.x – “SX20 & MX300G2” – TANDBERG/517
For TC5.x.x – “All others” – TANDBERG/516


TE (E20)

For TE4.x: TANDBERG/259
For TE3.x: TANDBERG/258
For TE2.x: TANDBERG/257
For TE1.x: TANDBERG/256



F9.x:  TANDBERG/81
F8.x:  TANDBERG/73
F7.x:  TANDBERG/67


10.2.1 (DX Series)
DX80 10.2.1: Cisco-CP-DX80/10.2.1
DX70 10.2.1: Cisco-CP-DX70/10.2.1
DX650 10.2.1: Cisco-CP-DX650/10.2.1


CTS - TX9000
TX9200 Telepresence-#620
TX9000 Telepresence-#619


CTS Series
CTS3200 Telepresence-#480
CTS3000 Telepresence-#479
CTS1310-65 Telepresence-#596
CTS1300-65 Telepresence-#505
CTS1300-47 Telepresence-#591
CTS1100 Telepresence-#520
CTS1000 Telepresence-#478
CTS500-37 Telepresence-#481
CTS500-32 Telepresence-#590



X8.2:       User-Agent: TANDBERG/4130 (X8.2)
X8.1.1:    User-Agent: TANDBERG/4129 (X8.1.1)
X8.1:       User-Agent: TANDBERG/4129 (X8.1)

X7.2.3:    User-Agent: TANDBERG/4120 (X7.2.3)
X7.2.2:    User-Agent: TANDBERG/4120 (X7.2.2)
X7.2.1:    User-Agent: TANDBERG/4120 (X7.2.1)
X7.2.0:    User-Agent: TANDBERG/4120 (X7.2)

X7.1:       User-Agent: TANDBERG/4103 (X7.1)

X7.0.3:    User-Agent: TANDBERG/4102 (X7.0.3)
X7.0.2:    User-Agent: TANDBERG/4102 (X7.0.2)
X7.0.1:    User-Agent: TANDBERG/4102 (X7.0.1)
X7.0:       User-Agent: TANDBERG/4102 (X7.0)


X8.2:       User-Agent: TANDBERG/4352 (X8.2-b2bua-1.0)
X8.1.1:    User-Agent: TANDBERG/4352 (X8.1.1-b2bua-1.0)
X8.1:       User-Agent: TANDBERG/4352 (X8.1-b2bua-1.0)

X7.2.3:    User-Agent: TANDBERG/4352 (X7.2.3-b2bua-1.0)
X7.2.2:    User-Agent: TANDBERG/4352 (X7.2.2-b2bua-1.0)
X7.2.1:    User-Agent: TANDBERG/4352 (X7.2.1-b2bua-1.0)
X7.2.0:    User-Agent: TANDBERG/4352 (X7.2-b2bua-1.0)

X7.1:       User-Agent: TANDBERG/4352 (X7.1-b2bua-1.0)

X7.0.3:    User-Agent: TANDBERG/4352 (X7.0.3-b2bua-1.0)
X7.0.2:    User-Agent: TANDBERG/4352 (X7.0.2-b2bua-1.0)
X7.0.1:    User-Agent: TANDBERG/4352 (X7.0.1-b2bua-1.0)

VCS OCS/Lync: TANDBERG/4481 (vcsversion-presence-relay-3.0)



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This is a great reference, but could really do with being kept up to date.