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Tech Tip : EIM - Assign email response to same agent

Question :

Can we configure EIM to assign a case to that agent whom previously handled the case ? If that agent is not logged in at that time, then the case will be assigned to other available agent ?

Answer :

Yes, we can, by using the department level setting called " Personalized activity assignment " to allow emails to be delivered back to the last person who sent the response on the case.

Page 70,

Personalized activity assignment enables an incoming email to be assigned to the agent who has last worked on the case. This ensures that earlier communication with the customer, the context of the discussions and the information gathered from the customer is readily understood by the agent.

This setting allows you to enable or disable Personalized activity assignment. This setting can take three values - Logged in, Always and Disable.

Value options:

Logged in: Activities are assigned to the agent only when the agent is logged in to the application.

Always: Activities are always assigned to the agent whether the agent is logged in or not.

Disable: Personalized activity assignment is disabled.