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TFTP ip for single cisco phone

Hi ,

is it possible to set TFTP server address for single phone in DHCP option.

Instead of setting up the tftp server address for the whole vlan,for testing test tftp server with the firware files,

I want to do this test in a single cisco 7945 phone pointing to our test tftp server.




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A few options come to mind:

* Hardcode alternate tftp server address on your test phone(s)

* Add the firmware to your production tftp servers, but take a snapshot of the device defaults page, then upload, then reset device defaults prior to resetting the tftp service. Now you can specify alternate firmware loads on a device level for your test phone(s).

* Add a test vlan and in the dhcp scope define a static address to be assigned to the mac address of each test phone. I can tell you how to do this if you're using an ios-based dhcp server. No clue otherwise.






edit: Come to think of it... If you're using an ios-based dhcp server, then you can create a static assignment and I'm pretty sure from memory that you can also override the 'parent' dhcp pool configs (such as tftp server) there. So no extra vlan would be needed. That's actually a pretty slick solution for this that I hadn't considered before. Thanks!

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Thank you,the issue is resolved.