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The CDR service is up and running but data cannot be imported into the database

Core Issue

This issue occurs because the Call Detail Record (CDR) collection is disabled by default.


To start the CDR collection, enable it in the service parameters.

The CDR collection is enabled through a Cisco CallManager service parameter named CdrEnabled.

To enable the CDR collection, perform these steps:

  1. Open Cisco CallManager Administration.       
  2. Select Service > Service Parameters.     
  3. Click on the Cisco CallManager server where you want to enable the CDR collection.      
  4. Select Cisco CallManager from the list of configured services.        
  5. Select CdrEnabled from the list of service parameters.       
  6. Choose  T (true, CDRs enabled) and F (false, CDRs disabled) from the Value drop-down list box.       
  7. Repeat this procedure on each Cisco CallManager in the cluster.  

    Note: You do not need to restart the Cisco CallManager for the change to take effect.

For more information on CDR and CDR collection, refer to the Call Detail Records section of Administrative Tools Overview.

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