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The Cisco CallManager IP phone address book synchronizer is failing when synchronization is attempted

Core Issue

Issues with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange can cause problems with synchronization.

The Cisco CallManager version 3.1 personal address book synchronizer (TABSYNC) does synchronization between the Microsoft Windows address book and the Cisco    CallManager personal address book (PAB) with Microsoft Outlook Express. This should synchronize without issues because that data is stored locally. Synchronization of Microsoft Outlook personal directory and Cisco CallManager personal address book is not as straightforward.

TABSYNC only synchronizes Microsoft Outlook when it is in Internet Only mode. This means that if Microsoft Outlook connects to a Microsoft Exchange server, it will not synchronize the addresses.


Note: Ensure that TabSyncInstall.exe has been obtained from the system administrator. Cisco CallManager personal address book is available in Cisco CallManager version 3.1(1) with TABSYNC 1.0 (IP phone address book synchronizer) available as a plug-in.

To resolve this issue, perform the following procedure:

  1. Add the Microsoft Outlook personal address book within Outlook.
  2. Add or import personal entries into the Microsoft Outlook personal address book.
  3. Import the entries from the Microsoft Outlook personal address book into the Microsoft Windows address book.

Note: The Cisco Personal Assistant will synchronize the PAB if the user is using the Exchange server. Without Personal Assistant, the user will have to export the addresses into the Microsoft Address Book for TABSYNC to synchronize with the PAB.

Personal Assistant 1.2 (PA 1.2) or higher and IP Phone Productivity Services provide the capability to synchronize with the Exchange contact lists. For information on PA 1.2, refer to Cisco Personal Assistant 1.2 Administration Guide.

For related information, refer to:

This document applies to CallManager 3.1

New Member

As a couple of years, the Microsoft Address Book isn´t available with Windows 7. So there is no possibility to synchronize the personal address book with anywhere. Simply bad...