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The Cisco Emergency Responder server cannot import switch ports with interface names because of the issues in the correct identification of switch port information

Core Issue

It appears the Cisco Emergency Responder (CER) uses only a relative port position, though it has fields for IfName and Port Name.

For example, on a 3750 switch with two GigE and 48 FastE ports, FastE Port1/0/1 has a port identifier of 1/0/3.

In a stack of multiple 3750s the problem is compounded from switch to switch. Port 5/0/48 becomes Port Identifier 5/0/58. So when you do an import of the data with interface names, CER skews all of the data, and makes the majority of the entries inaccurate. This makes all of the documented port assignments unusable for import to CER.


From a CER and Cisco Technical Support perspective, this currently works as designed. What this means is that the port identifier is a required field and it is not a parameter that is able to change from the support perspective.

As a workaround, let CER detect the switches and then do an export of that information. Add the location and Emergency Response Location (ERL) info to that, and then do a reimport.

In case you want to make any changes in import requirements for CER, you can speak with your Cisco Site Engineer (SE), who can raise a feature request with the CER  Product Developers for changes in import requirements.

For more information about resolving Cisco Emergency Responder, refer to these documents:

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