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The Cisco Unified Video Advantage 2.0(2) intermittently drops video calls, and the "No video X" error message displays in the image window

Core Issue

After the Cisco Unified Video Advantage (CUVA) is upgraded to 2.0(2):

  • intermittent failures start to occur
  • the video drops
  • the No video X error message displays
  • a prompt to fill out the problem report appears

When CUVA restarts, everything works fine for a while. This issue can occur on a range of computers, which include:

  • Toshiba laptops
  • Hewlett-Packard desktops
  • Dell desktops


In order to resolve this issue, install the Engineering Special version of CUVA 2.0(2.12).

Open a case with Cisco Technical Support with the TAC Service Request Tool in order to obtain an appropriate Engineering Special patch.

For machines that have 64MB video memory, this additional registry setting is required in order to fix the video codec to H.263:

\\ HKLM \Software \ Cisco Systems, Inc.\ Cisco Unified Video Advantage\ VideoCodec (REG_SZ)=ALL

This is the default. Change the value to H.263 or H.264.