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The Cisco Unity PIMG integration calls that forward to voicemail take 20 seconds to answer when the calling party information is unavailable

Core Issue

This issue occurs in the Cisco Unity servers that use the PBX-IP Media Gateway (PIMG) Avaya integration. The calls to Cisco Unity through the PIMG are answered, then delayed 20 seconds before the Cisco Unity conversation begins to play. This can occur if PIMG is unable to parse the numeric calling party data from the feature set display information that is received from the PBX.


This issue is documented in Cisco bug ID CSCsd48815.

As a workaround, the Cisco Unity Avaya PIMG Integration guides recommend, whenever possible, to use the 7434ND phone type for the configuration of the voicemail lines on the PBX. This ensures that the voicemail lines receive the numeric extension data whenever possible.

If the 7434ND phone type is not available, or if there are still conditions where PIMG receives the display information without the numeric extension data, program the phone system so that the extension number is included within the first 15 characters of the phone name. Do this for all of the phones and trunks from which calls to the Cisco Unity voicemail pilot number originate.

In order to fix the problem, upgrade to one of these versions:

  • 4.3(0.11)

  • 4.2(1)ES24

  • 4.1(1)ES39

  • 4.2(1)ES25

  • 4.2(1)ES26

  • 4.2(1)ES27

  • 4.2(1)ES30

  • 4.2(1)ES50

  • 4.2(1)ES68

  • 4.2(1)ES69

  • 4.2(1)ES71

  • 4.2(1)ES80

  • 4.2(1)ES82

  • 4.2(1)ES83

Open a case with Cisco Technical Support with the TAC Service Request Tool in order to obtain the appropriate Engineering Special (ES) patch.

For more information, refer to PIMG Integration Guide for Cisco unity

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