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The Cisco Unity Service does not start up and shows different errors related to Unity services and DOH, after the Partner Exchange Server is rebooted

Core Issue

After the Partner Exchange Server has a maintenance reboot, the Cisco Unity Service does not start.On the Cisco Unity server, there are errors related to services and Digital Off-Hook (DOH) starts to show up in the Application Event Log.

These errors are mostly due to a Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) login failure. If in the  Active Directory Users and Computers option is checked for the location of Unity_ account, it shows up on a store that is offline.


In order to resolve this issue, delete the Unity_account from the Active Directory shown on the store which is offline. Run through the Message Store Configuration Account and create a new one on a functional store.

For more information about how to change the Partner Exchange Server and troubleshoot issues, refer to these documents: