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The CRA engine does not start

Core Issue

This issue occurs while restarting the publisher with Cisco Customer Response Applications (CRA). The CRA engine is configured to start automatically. Selecting Start does not start the service.


To resolve this issue, look at the following output logs while the service attempts to start:

107: Aug 20 11:34:09.882 MDT %MIVR-ENG-7-UNK:before sending alarm mnem:RMI_PORT_IN_USE param: 108:

Aug 20 11:34:09.882 MDT %MIVR-ENG-7-UNK:sent Alarm 109:

Aug 20 11:34:09.882 MDT %MIVR-ENG-3-UNK:RMI port in use : RMI_PORT_NUMBER = 1099 110:

Aug 20 11:34:09.882 MDT %MIVR-ENG-7-UNK:RMI Manager initialization failed. Retrying

Something is using TCP port 1099, which is the default port for Java Remote Method Invocation (RMI). The CRA engine needs to connect on this port or it cannot do anything.

The Java RMI port was changed (by going to System > Engine > Engine Parameters) to 5000 and the CRA engine now comes up after it reboots. The network administrator will figure out which software was grabbing the Java RMI port.