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The CRA Engine Status area in the Engine web page shows that the JTAPI subsystem is in partial service

Core Issue

The Java Telephony Application Programming Interface (JTAPI) client was not set up properly. At least one, but not all, of the Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) ports, route points or dialog channels (Cisco Media Termination [CMT] or Nuance) could not initialize.


To resolve this issue, perform these steps:

  1. To determine what did not initialize, refer to the Cisco Customer Response Applications (CRA) trace files.  

  2. Verify that all CTI ports and CTI route points are associated with the JTAPI user in Cisco CallManager.  

  3. Verify that the Cisco CallManager and JTAPI configuration IP addresses match.  

  4. Verify that the Cisco CallManager JTAPI user has control of all the CTI ports and CTI route points.  

  5. Verify that the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directory is running on the computer specified in the Directory Host Name field in the Directory Setup web page Configuration Setup area.  

  6. Verify that the application file was uploaded to the repository using the Repository Manager.

For more information about resolving Cisco CRA and Customer Response Solutions (CRS) issues, refer to the following document:

Problem Type

Voice applications  (CRS, PA, CCM Plugins, CER, CCC, MeetingPlace, etc.)

Common Software and Product Issues

Application, service, session or subsystem issues

Failure Type

Cannot start, stop, schedule, reset, power up, power down, run, initialize, open, close, activate, deactivate or load

Application Subsystem Status


Customer Response Solution (CRS) Version

CRS 3.x

Customer Response Solution (CRS) Applications

IP Contact Center (IPCC) Express (formerly IP ICD)

Customer Response Solutions (CRS) Components

JTAPI Subsystem

CRA engine

Voice Applications

IP contact center (IPCC) express

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