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The org.webmacro.servlet.handlerException: Handler Exception: /login.wm error occurs

Core Issue

The default locale determines the language initially used in the speech-recognition    interface and on the user web interface. Users can select a different locale    for their use on the user web interface. Personal Assistant (PA) uses the user's    locale selection once PA identifies who is calling it or who is logging into the user web interface.

When a default locale is not selected for the PA server, this error     occurs while trying to access the PA user web interface:

Your handler was unable to process the request successfully for some reason.

Here are the details:

  org.webmacro.servlet.handlerException: Handler Exception: /login.wm'


To fix this issue, select Pasystemadmin (http://paserver/pasystemadmin)     > System > Speech Services, and move some locales from available to supported.  Next, choose one of the supported locales as default    locale.

For further information on this and other issues with the PA user web    interface, refer to the What do I do if I cannot access Personal Assistant User Admin Pages or cannot authenticate? section of Cisco Personal Assistant FAQ.