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The permissions and accounts that are required in order to install Cisco Unity 4.x


Refer to these documents for information about the accounts and permissions required on the Cisco Unity:

Log on to the Cisco Unity server with an account that is a member of the Domain Admins group or that has permissions equivalent to the default permissions for the Domain Admins group.

The Permission Wizard Tool in the Cisco Unity helps assign the appropriate permissions to various accounts. This tool can be downloaded from Cisco Unity Tools. This application helps to configure the installation, service, and fail-over accounts so that they have the correct Windows and AD permissions. It replaces a very large chunk of the manual rights granting section of the install guide.

Refer to Permissions Set By the Cisco Unity Permissions Wizard for more information.

Caution: If an attempt is made to run the Permissions Wizard with an account that has less than the default permissions of the Domain Admins group, the wizard can be unable to set all of the permissions required by the installation account and the services account. If the Permissions Wizard can not set all of the required permissions, either the Cisco Unity installation fails or Cisco Unity does not run properly after it is installed.

This document applies to Unity 4.x

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