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The "Drop Ad hoc Conference When Creator Leaves" feature is not available after user upgrades to Cisco CallManager 4.0(1)

Core Issue

In March 2004, Cisco CallManager 3.3(4) was released. CallManager 3.3(4), a maintenance release for the CallManager 3.3 branch, addresses caveats and introduces support for these features:

Note: For a description of these features, refer to Release Notes for Cisco CallManager Release 3.3(4). All linked features are sections of this document. However, the linked features are not carried forward to Cisco CallManager 4.0(1).

The Drop Ad hoc Conference When Creator Leaves feature is part of the Conferencing Enhancements and will therefore be unavailable after the Cisco CallManager upgrade from CallManager 3.3(4) to 4.0(1).


If you are currently using any of these features (FAC and CMC, Conferencing Enhancements or Block External To External Transfer Service Parameter), do not upgrade until the Cisco CallManager release that supports the feature becomes available. Otherwise, you will lose the desired functionality and data.

If these features are required at your site, these are possible remedies:

  • FAC and CMC will not be addressed in Cisco CallManager 4.0, but will be introduced in CallManager 4.1 (which will be released in late 2004).
  • Conferencing Enhancements and Block External To External Transfer Service Parameter are addressed in 4.0(1)SR2a. To download this software, refer to Software Download: Cisco CallManager Version 4.0.

If you decide that these features are not important, you can upgrade from Cisco CallManager 3.3(4) to 4.0(1), but you lose the 3.3(4) feature-specific data when you upgrade to 4.0(1). After you upgrade to the Cisco CallManager release that provides the features (for example, CallManager 4.1), you must configure the features again if you want to use them with that release.

For other caveats and more details on this upgrade issue, refer to Field Notice: Cisco CallManager 4.0(1) Upgrade Issues and Considerations.