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The "Event ID: 3, Source: Cisco Messaging. Error: kCCMConnectionError - No CMI Connection with Cisco CallManager." error message appears in the application event log on Cisco CallManager

Core Issue

This is the complete error message in application event log:

Error: kCCMConnectionError - No CMI Connection with Cisco CallManager.
CallManager Name: NO_SUCH_NAME (Primary) can't be connected.
App ID: Cisco Messaging Interface.
Cluster ID: StandaloneCluster. 
NodeID: 192.168.x.x
Explanation: CMI cannot establish connection with Cisco CallManager. 
Recommended Action: Check the address/status of Cisco CallManager and the network.


The Cisco Messaging Interface (CMI) allows you to use an external voice mail system with the Cisco CallManager.

The voice mail system must meet these requirements:

  • The voice mail system must have a simplified message desk interface (SMDI) accessible with a null-modem RS-232 cable and an available serial port.

  • The voice mail system must use analog ports in order to connect voice lines.

  • The Cisco CallManager server must have an available serial port for the SMDI connection.

  • A Cisco Analog Access Station Gateway or Cisco VG200 Gateway must be installed and configured.

If you use CMI, then it should only reside on a single Cisco CallManager within a cluster. You cannot have two CMI applications connected to the same voice mail system that run at the same time.

It is better to turn this service off if you do not use CMI.

From the Cisco CallManager serviceability page, choose Tools > Control Center and stop the Cisco Messaging Interface. Other functions are not disrupted.

Refer to these documents for more information:

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