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The system requirement of the MCS server for the installation of Cisco CallManager 5.x


Make sure to install and configure Cisco Unified CallManager 5.x on a Cisco Media Convergence Server (MCS).

Cisco Unified CallManager can also be installed on a Cisco-approved HP server configuration or a Cisco-approved IBM server configuration.

Cisco Unified CallManager 5.0 requires a minimum of these items on the Cisco MCS servers:

  • 2 GB of memory

  • 72 GB disk drive

  • 2 GHz processor

These servers are supported without changes:

  • MCS-7815I-I1-IPC3

  • MCS-7825-I1-IPC1

  • MCS-7825-H1-IPC1

  • MCS-7835-I1-IPC1

  • MCS-7835-H1-IPC1

  • MCS-7845-I1-IPC1

  • MCS-7845-H1-IPC1

  • MCS-7845H-2.4-EVV1

  • MCS-7845H-3.0-IPC1

These servers are supported but require additional memory:

  • MCS-7815I-3000

  • MCS-7815I-I1-IPC1

  • MCS-7825I-3000

  • MCS-7825I-3.0-IPC1

These servers must have their disk drives replaced with a 72 or 80 GB drive and likely require additional RAM:

  • MCS-7815I-2000

  • MCS-7825H-2266

  • MCS-7825H-3000

  • MCS-7825H-2.2-EVV1

  • MCS-7835H-2.4-EVV1

  • MCS-7835I-2.4-EVV1

  • MCS-7835H-3.0-IPC1

Refer to these documents for more information:

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