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The user cannot configure SIP media forking on the Cisco AS5850 series universal gateway

Core Issue

The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) media forking feature is not currently supported by Cisco AS5350/AS5400/AS5850 platforms.


These are the available alternatives:

  1. Use the Switched Port Analyzer (SPAN) feature of the Ethernet switches. You can      combine this with a third party product, which can record RTP streams.
  2. Use one of the routers that does include support for SIP media forking. These include the 2600, 3600, 37xx, 38xx and the 5300 (The 5300 is end of life.).

For more information, refer to SIP  Support for Media Forking.

Problem Type

Gateway or module

Common Software and Product Issues



Failure Type

Cannot be configured correctly

Signaling Protocol


SIP Features

SIP media forking

Voice Gateways

AS5400 Series Universal Gateway

AS5800 Series Universal Access Server

AS5350 Series Universal Gateway

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