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Time of day routing is incorrect by an hour in U.S. time zones, even after the appropriate DST patches are applied on Cisco CallManager 4.x

Core Issue

After the daylight saving time (DST) patches are applied on the Cisco CallManager servers configured for U.S. time zones, all of the calls related to time of day (TOD) are incorrect by an hour.


This defect is documented in Cisco bug ID CSCsh81747.

Configure the Cisco CallManager TOD with two options from the Route Partition in order to workaround this issue. The options are either:

  • Use specific Time Zone (Select Time Zone from the drop down list)

  • Use Originating Device Time Zone

If the system is patched for DST, either with an ES version that contains the fix for Cisco bug ID CSCsf07523, or with the standalone DST patch, the Use Originating Device Time Zone option works correctly.

Based on the specific system, a possible workaround is to choose the Use Originating Device Time Zone option. If the Use specific Time Zone option must be used, the fix for this defect is required.

This defect is fixed in these versions of Cisco CallManager:

  • 4.2(3)SR02

  • 4.2(3)ES21

  • 4.1(3)ES100

  • 3.3(5)ES59

  • 4.3(1.27)

  • 4.3(1)ES01

Refer to How to update the Cisco CallManager, the IP Phones, the MCSs and the Cisco Unity in order to support the changes to DST in March 2007 for more information on DST related issues.