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Transfer Options with CVP

There are various transfer options available with CVP. This document will provide a brief overview of them.

  • Warm Transfer with queuin
  • Warm transfer with no-queuing
  • Hook-Flash Transfer
  • SIP REFER Transfer
  • TNT Transfer

Consultative Warm Transfer

Is the type of transfer in which a Unified CM agent places the caller on hold and dials in to Unified ICME to reach a second agent; this starts a routing script that can optionally deliver the call to Unified CVP for queuing or self-service.

VXML Server (Standalone) Synchronous Blind or Bridged Transfer

VXML Server (Standalone) call flow model allows only one synchronous blind or bridged transfer.

VXML Server (Standalone) Asynchronous Blind Transfer

It indicates that once the call has been transferred, a Unified CVP Standalone script has no ability to take the call back and deliver it somewhere else, whereas Unified ICME scripts, in the Unified ICME-integrated models, do have that ability.