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Troubleshooting Citrix USB Redirection with VXC 6215

Background and Configuration

How Citrix HDX user policies dictate USB redirection Behaviour:

Here are some points you must understand:

• The VDA in HVD and the client (VXC 6215) have separate USB rules.

• Enabling a device to redirect that typically should not redirect involves allowing the device on the VDA and the endpoint.

• Disabling a device from redirecting only requires configuring the VDA or the endpoint.

The USB rules for VDA in HVD is configured in Xendesktop DDC  Desktop Studio, HDX Policy -> Users -> "Client USB Device  Redirection" and "Client USB Device Redirection Rules", These  configurations and rules will be then pushed into HVD registry settings  for VDA in the following locations for taking effect:


\VCPolicies\AllowUSBRedir (0=disabled, 1=enabled)

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Citrix\1\User\VCPolicies\USBDeviceRules (Non-default redirection rules)

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Citrix\PortICA\GenericUSB\DeviceRules (Default redirection rules)

The USB rules for VXC 6215 is influenced by the wlx.ini parameter  ICAAllowUSB (whenever is configured, implictly DENY ALL), and VXME(UC  Firmware, whenever installed, implictly DENY ALL), the rule can also be  found from following location in vxc 6215:


Please refer to the background and configuration  link to understand how to configure vxc 6215 to allow ALL usb  redirections or only allow specific usb device redirections.

USB Mass Storage Devices - Client Drive Mapping vs USB Redirection

For mass storage devices only, remote access is also available  through client drive mapping, where the drives on the user device (VXC  6215) are automatically mapped to drive letters on the virtual desktop  when users log on. The drives are displayed as shared folders with  mapped drive letters. To configure client drive mapping, use the Client  removable drives setting in the File Redirection Policy Settings section  of the ICA Policy Settings.

The main differences between the two types of remoting policy is that  for Client drive mapping, the HVD OS see it as a remote drive; and for  USB Redirection, the HVD OS gain visibility to the actual USB device,  and manage it as USB Removable Storage Devices, and furthemore:


Client drive mapping

USB rule

Enabled by defaultYesNo
Read-only access configurableYesNo
Safe to remove device during a sessionNoYes, provided users follow operating system recommendations for safe removal

If both client drive mapping and the USB rule are enabled, then if a mass storage device is inserted before a session starts, it will be redirected using client drive mapping  first, before being considered for redirection through USB support. If  it is inserted after a session has started, it will be considered for redirection using USB support before client drive mapping.

Important Note: These two different ways of supporting USB Mass Storage Devices often  create confusion and inconsisten USB experience if users do know  understand their difference. We have also observed that not all USB Mass  Storage Devices are working with Client Drive Mapping, specially the  USB sticks equal or larger than 16 GB at the time of writing this post.  However, USB Redirection does work with most of the USB sticks. Because  Client Drive Mapping is enabled by default, when user is able to use one  of their USB sticks in HVD, but some other USB sticks are not working,  the user is under the impression that USB redirection is enabled  properly but somehow not working properly. However in fact, the USB  redirection is not enabled at all in the system. Please be also noted,  USB keyboard, mouse, audio headse and USB webcam can also work without  USB redirection. USB keyboard and mouse are always owned by the end  device (VXC 6215) and the key strokes are sent into HVD via ICA session,  USB headsets and webcams by default are using Citrix HDX realtime, and  get presented into HVD OS as a single device as Citrix HDX audio and  video.



After you have plugged in the USB device.

Event Viewer -> Applications and Services Logs -> Citrix -> USB -> Service -> Admin

As below, if you see a message about The Citrix USB Service policy  disables USB Redirection, it means either USB Redirection is not enabled  in Citrix HDX policy, or the policy is not pushed down to the HVD  properly via DDC Desktop Studio or Active Directory GPO.

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