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Troubleshooting VXC Manager Upgrade


During the upgrade of VXC Manager from 4.8.5 to 4.9.0 the following error message is shown but there is no updates scheduled or running on the VXC Manager Console.

Troubleshooting steps:

- Before closing the installer, get the installation logs: %temp%Install.log
- We can find the following messages:

12:34:17|database.rul|77| InitializeWindowsData Begin

12:34:17|database.rul|112| InitializeWindowsData End

12:34:17|Setup.Rul|474| OnBegin()::Target Directory:C:\Program Files (x86)\Cisco\VXC-M

12:34:17|Setup.Rul|510| OnBegin()::Exit

12:34:17|Setup.Rul|545| OnFirstUIBefore()::Enter

12:34:17|Setup.Rul|580| OnFirstUIBefore()::Dlg_Start

12:34:17|Setup.Rul|584| OnFirstUIBefore()::Dlg_SdWelcome

12:34:19|Setup.Rul|2911| ReadDBRegistryEntries()::Enter

12:34:19|Setup.Rul|2950| ReadDBRegistryEntries()::Leave

12:34:19|Setup.Rul|698| OnFirstUIBefore()::Detecting upgrade or new install

12:34:19|database.rul|162| GetDatabaseInformation Begin

12:34:19|database.rul|240| GetDatabaseInformation tcpport Registry Key Failed ********* Not important for default username/password

12:34:19|database.rul|251| GetDatabaseInformation InstanceName Registry Key Failed ****** Not important for default username/password

12:34:19|database.rul|254| GetDatabaseInformation End

12:34:19|Setup.Rul|707| OnFirstUIBefore()::szDBServer=BALTTM01\RAPPORTDB,szDBName=RapportDB,szDBInstance=RapportDB

12:34:19|database.rul|125| InitializeDatabaseConnection Begin

12:34:19|database.rul|128| 1:{SQL SERVER} 2:BALTTM01\RAPPORTDB 3:RapportDB 4:rapport 5:ThinMgmt_451 *****Indicates that it is using Default username and password

12:34:19|database.rul|134| InitializeDatabaseConnection before calling

12:34:20|database.rul|145| After calling Connectdb before calling

12:34:20|database.rul|147| InitializeDatabaseConnection End

12:34:20|Setup.Rul|827| OnFirstUIBefore()::Retrieving upgrade data from database

12:34:20|database.rul|868| GetUpgradeData2 Begin ****************** Getting info from schedule update table

12:34:20|database.rul|891| GetUpgradeData2 End

12:34:20|Setup.Rul|959| OnFirstUIBefore()::Retrieved existing install path: D:\Program Files (x86)\Cisco\VXC-M\

12:34:20|Setup.Rul|1597| OnFirstUIBefore():

- Please note that the registry errors are not relevant if the default password is being used. 
- Also note that the following line indicates that the default username and password are used to try to access the database. 

12:34:19|database.rul|128| 1:{SQL SERVER} 2:BALTTM01\RAPPORTDB 3:RapportDB 4:rapport 5:ThinMgmt_451

- In this case, we are trying to access the database with the default credentials:
    Username: rapport
- Verify that the SQL service is running: on a windows server system: start->Administrative tools->Services:

- Connect to the database and check the schedule table, called Command Table. There are several tools that can be used, such as the Wyse MDTool, but in this case, we will use the sql command line because MDTool is a 32 bit application and this is a 64 bit system.
- To connect to the database use the following command line:
sqlcmd -U <username> -P <password> -S <system>

You can collect this information from the log line:

12:34:19|database.rul|128| 1:{SQL SERVER} 2:BALTTM01\RAPPORTDB 3:RapportDB 4:rapport 5:ThinMgmt_451
Servername is number 2, username number 4 and password number 5. 
In this case:
sqlcmd -U rapport -P ThinMgmt_451 -S BALTTM01\RAPPORTDB

Note: More information about sql command line:
-If the connection is successful you can issue some commands, for example:
1>   select * from server
2>  go
-Then you can check the table of scheduled updates, Command Table, issuing the lines: 
1>     select * from Command
2>     go

- If the table shows some rows, it means that there are some updates pending on the database although they weren't shown on the VXC Manager GUI. The format is not very clear, however at the bottom you can see the total number of rows that match your request. 
Hence why the upgrade/installation wizard think there is a pending update and error out from the upgrade.