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UCCX 7.0 CAD Email Configuration

(view in My Videos)


This training video was given to TAC about a year ago and the original author Forrest Conner is no longer in Cisco. This is good material to help setup CAD email in CCX 7.0.


Please note, there is no contact information for the original author even though it is stated to contact him for any questions at the end.


Hi Michael

Thanks for posting this valuable video

My question is can it receive attachments, if yes I have a script setup to take voicemail from customer after 5 minuts in the queue and that goes to the same email account configured for email queue as a single inbox.

But this mails with attached wav files ends up in non-routable folder. but email received from out side mail accounts seems to work fine and properly routed to agents.

CUCM 8.6

Unity connection 8.6

UCCX 8.5.2

Is there any work around to accomplish this.



Hi Shameer,

Nothing in CAD should be blocking attachments.  There is probably some setting in Exchange for this mailbox that is not accepting the emails with attachments and it's causing them to be not routeable.  If you are sure that the Exchange settings are not causing the issue then I suggest you open a case with TAC to allow them to review the logs and see what EEM maybe doing with that message and attachment when it comes in.

One other thing.  What if you try to attach a .txt or .pdf file rather than a wav?  Does that work?



Hi Mike

Thanks for your prompt reply

If a send *.wav file directly to the email (which setup on UCCX to distribute emails to agent), that worked.

but when the same wav file send by unity connection (single inbox mail also same mail ID on voicemail extension) didnt go to the agent inbox.

I beleive there is some issue or the settings not identifying the unity connection.



It would then be necessary to look at the EEM logs to see what is happening.  I suggest opening a TAC case and let them take a look.



Thanks Mike

I'll open a case with TAC



New Member

Hi Michael,

Good morning..

I am trying to view this video no luck. If it is possible please send me the correct link to

Trying to access:

Thanks in advance