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Unable to configure a Backup Storage location with Cisco CallManager 5.x

Core Issue

Unable to to configure an Secure FTP (SFTP) Backup Storage Location to back up the Cisco CallManager 5.x.


Complete these steps in order to configure the storage location:

  1. Choose an FTP software. This software is available on the web for free. One such example is freeFTPd.

  2. Choose the correct port, port 22, for the SFTP.

  3. Secure Shell into the Cisco CallManager command line interface and issue this command:

    file get tftp

    It asks for the IP address of the SFTP server, port, user ID, password, and the directory. Make sure / is used as the directory. It downloads the file to the root directory that is specified in the freeftpd program for SFTP.

Refer to the Configuring a Storage Location section of Disaster Recovery System Administration Guide for more information about this and DiRT Backups.

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