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Unable to generate the system reports or the subscriber reports on the Cisco Unity 4.x.

Core Issue

The reports cannot be generated on Cisco Unity 4.x. Sometimes the reports fail to generate. Other times they fail to queue or are empty.

Some error messages can also appear in the event viewer logs.


Complete these steps in order to generate a report:

  1. In the Cisco Unity Administrator, choose the appropriate report from Reports > Subscribers or Reports > System.

  2. Choose the subject of the report from Run This Report For. Different reports provide different options, such as subscribers, distribution lists, or call handlers.

  3. Choose whether to save the report to a Web page or to a comma-delimited file.

  4. Enter the date and time range for the report, if applicable.

  5. Choose the data field by which the report sorts from Order for Sorting This Report, if applicable.

  6. Choose other optional data to include on the report, if applicable.

  7. Click Run.

  8. Check the status of the report from http:///status, or double-click the desktop shortcut to the Status Monitor.

  9. By default, the reports are stored in the CommServer\Reports folder where they can be viewed with appropriate access levels to the server.

If problems occur during or after these steps are completed, a bug can be the problem. These Cisco bug IDs are associated with the issue:

  • Cisco bug ID CSCeb82281 Reports are failing

  • Cisco bug ID CSCse06293 Reports: Transfer Call Billing and OutCall Billing reports fail

  • Cisco bug ID CSCsa81987 Cisco Unity Reporting produces unexpected behavior for cancelled reports

  • Cisco bug ID CSCeb48528 REPORTS: Subscriber Message Activity Report contains no data

For more information refer to  Unity Troubleshooting guide.