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Unable to record greetings when Cisco Unity is used to call and receives the "No ports on the voice server available for outgoing calls" error message

Core Issue

This issue occurs when there are no ports available to make the calls from Cisco Unity.


In order to resolve the issue, enable Telephony Record and Playback (TRaP) connection on the Cisco Unity ports. Complete these steps:

  1. Go to Cisco Unity Tools Depot.

  2. Choose the Switch Integration Tools folder.

  3. Open the Telephone Integration Manager.
  4. Expand the Cisco server.

  5. Choose the Primary Server Cluster.

  6. Choose the Ports window on your right.

  7. Check the box in order to enable the ports for TRaP Connection.

  8. Restart the Cisco Unity box in order for changes to take affect.

If you have Cisco Unity integrated with CallManager Express, this does not work, because it is a requirement to have the TRAP connection disabled in that scenario.