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Unable to resume inbound calls placed on hold from a shared line from any shared extension and when a call is received on any shared extension, the "remote in use" icon is not displayed for that extension

Core Issue

This is the call flow:

  1. The public switched telephone network (PSTN) dials into the Cisco Unity Express auto attendant.

  2. The caller presses option 7 to reach the operator on a specific location.

  3. There are four operators on that location and all of their phones are sharing extensions.

  4. When the call is received on any one extension and put on hold, the remote in use icon is not displayed and the held call cannot be resumed from a different extension that has the same shared line.


Go to the IP phone configuration page for the device using the extension and set the Privacy setting to Off if you want to see the remote in use icon.

If the Privacy setting is already set to Off, then change it to On, reset the phone, change it to Off again, and reset the IP phone.