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Unable to run the Cisco Unity failover configuration wizard, and the "a required privilege is not held by the client" error message appears

Core Issue

Insufficient privileges can result in a failure to run the failover wizard.


In order to fix the problem, complete these steps:

  1. Obtain the setspn.exe program from Windows 2000 Resource Kit Tool: Setspn.exe.

  2. Log on as the domain administrator, and complete these tasks on every server:
    1. Run setspn -L.

    2. If the MSSQLSvc/SERVER_NAME.DOMAIN.TLD:1433 line is present on any server, run this:


  3. Restart SQL on both servers, and this error disappears.

  4. Rerun the failover wizard.

For more information on permissions ,refer to

Permissions Set By the Cisco Unity Permissions Wizard If You Are Using Domino and Permissions Set By the Cisco Unity Permissions Wizard When Subscribers Are Homed in Domino

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