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Unable to unlock a locked CLI on Edge Proxy, Service Engine or Name Resolution Server

Core Issue

The Command Line Interface (CLI) of an active Edge Proxy (EP), Service Engine (SE), or Name Resolution Server (NRS) is no longer accessible. The reason for this problem can be either a misplaced password or possibly a defect.


To gain access to the CLI, perform these steps:

  1. Use a system with a known password and tar up (zip) the contents of the /data/security folder.

    # cd /opt/dsProducts/dsedge/data/security
    # tar cvf security.tar
  2. Transfer the tar ball to the locked system.
  3. Remove (or preferably back up) the contents of /data/security.
  4. Untar (unzip) the contents of the tar ball into the directory.

    # tar xvf security.tar

This procedure allows login on the locked CLI with the password of the system from which the files were copied.

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