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Unable to use a Public Distribution List in Cisco Unity 4.x, and the "This recipient's e-mail address does not exist. If this recipient is new, wait a few minutes and try again" error message appears

Core Issue

If the email address is absent from the Public Distribution List (PDL) configuration, it is not possible to use a PDL in Cisco Unity 4.x.

When the issue occurs, this error message appears:

This recipient's e-mail address does not exist.  If this recipient is new, wait a few minutes and try again


Complete these steps in order to make sure the distribution list has an email address:

  1. From Active Directory Users and Computers, search for the distribution list, right-click it, and choose Properties. Verify that there is a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) address.

  2. Choose Enterprise Manager > Databases > UnityDB. Select the distribution list table, right-click it, and choose open table > return all rows. Verify that the distribution list has an email address in the SMTPAddress field.

  3. If not, choose Start > Programs > Microsoft Exchange > System Manager. Expand Recipients, and click the Recipient Update Service (RUS) folder in the right pane. Different instances of the RUS service appear. Right-click each instance, and choose Update Now.

  4. Return to the distribution list table. If it is still open, close and reopen it. See if the e-mail address is populated.

  5. If not, it is possible to hardcode the email address manually on the SQL table.    

Refer to the Public Distribution List Settings section of Cisco Unity System Administration Guide (With Microsoft Exchange), Release 4.0(5) for more information.

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