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Unified Communications Messaging




A messaging system in which all types of messages can be managed from the same inbox.



Complete Definition

Realtime routing of voice, text or e-mail message to any registerd device closest to an intended recipient at any given time. For example, voice calls to IP phones could be routed to the user's cellphone using call forwarding or voice mail could be converted to a wave file and forwarded via e-mail to a PDA, just as e-mail could be converted using text-to-speech and sent as a phone message.


The Cisco Unified Communications messaging portfolio provides three options:


• Cisco Unity-Delivers unified messaging and intelligent voicemail to enterprise and midmarket customers with Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino environments


• Cisco Unity Connection-Combines integrated messaging, voice recognition, and call transfer rules into an easy-to-manage system for midmarket customers with up to 3000 users


• Cisco Cisco Unity Express-Provides cost-effective, integrated voice messaging and auto attendant for small and medium branch-office environments with up to 120 users


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