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Unity 7 Custom keypad mappings

Hi we have 10 Unity 7 servers, failover and digitally networked (5 pairs). I have to create a custom keypad mapping , is there any way of doing the mapping on one server and then copying that config to all the others, i.e take an ini file from one and copying to others ...cheers, Jeff

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‎11-10-2011 01:51 AM
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for Unity Connection you can use COBRAS for this - it always backs up all 6 of the CKM sets in the database and you can optionally restore one or all of them in the restore wizard.

for Unity they're filed based as a series of macros for each CKM section - a little squirly to deal with - but the Custom Key Map utility has a facility for handling this.  when you edit the CKM mappings on your first box it creates all the .CDE and .CDH files necessary for these in the \Backup folder off where the application is installed (by default c:\commserver\utilities\CustomKeyMap).  You can copy that backup folder and restore it onto other Unity servers in the same location and then use the "Restore backed up conversation scripts" option in the fiel menu.

Been a while since I've tested that path but that was the idea behind the feature anyway...

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Thank You sir, that worked a treat, saved me a few hours.