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Unity 7 - Not authorised to access SaWeb


I have a problem on a new install of Unity 7.  The installation proceeded smoothly to the point where I applied SSL to the web and pca pages.  I also applied ES21 and after a reboot I could not longer access the admin web pages using the Unity admin account that I previously used.

I have tried many of the troubleshooting guides on CCO and the suggestions in Netpro but I am unabled to access this web page. When I try to access the page using the UnityAdmin account, I am continually prompted for a password until after 3 attempts I am given a "not authorised" message.

I have reset the UnityAdmin account password in AD and I have run the GrantUnityAccess tool which completed without error.

My AD structure is not quite the default but is as follows




Domain Controllers




         /Public Distribution Litst

         /Unity Locations




The account UnityAdmin exists in the main Users container (not the container under Voice) whereas all my subscribers live in the Users container under Voice.

I have run the Global Subscriber Manager tool and I can see that EAdmin subscriber exists in Unity but despite all this I cannot log into the web GUI.

I have tried using the IP address of the server and the FQDN. When prompted for the logon credentials I have tried the UnityAdmin@domainname format and also domainname\UnityAdmin and servername\UnityAdmin formats but I cannot logon.

What else can I try?


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