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Unity Connection - User report that includes mailbox size

The customer is running Unity Connection 7.1(3). Is there a report that lists the users and the corresponding mailbox size? Customer wants to see the top 10 users of Unity Connection mailstore space. Thanks.

Hey Kyle,

There is a perfect tool for this type of report. We have used this during our rollout to search for the same info.

**I don't believe any of the "built-in" CUC Reports will show this info :)

Connection User Data Dump (CUDD) Tool

The Connection User Data Dump (CUDD) is a Windows-based remote database administration tool available on the Cisco Unity Tools website. CUDD allows you to export specific information about users to a file that can be viewed or imported into another application, such as a database utility or Microsoft Excel. When the data is exported, the tool automatically creates a header row that lists the data type found in each column of the output, for ease of import into other programs.

The tool is available from the "Superb" Unity Tools site;

From the Help Notes;

Requirements/Special Notes

This version of User Data Dump runs on Windows XP/2000/2003 or Vista.

***This version of User Data Dump only works with Unity Connection 7.0(1) or later.

You must enable the ODBC proxy service on the Unity Connection server and attach to the database using an account enabled for the remote database access role. See the next section for details on this.

Hope this helps!


Just for the record, those links are to the old web site - they should redirect but the updated site links are these:

all the top level tool pages will redirect to their corresponding page on the new site but links to individual help files will not - you'll get a 404 error on the 2nd link that goes directly to the help.

Thanks Jeff, I had forgotten about the new site, which is great by the way!!

As always, kudos to you for keeping up the very best of any Cisco Tools.



Thanks Rob, Thanks, Jeff. I'll use the links. I used the U-Conn remote database proxy service doing COBRAS. I hate the fact that every time you reboot, you have to re-set it up. But if that's the tool we need, then we'll use it.

By the way, I found an SQL that will show you the top "N" users of space. Below shows the top 100. Run from the Unity Conn console.

run cuc dbquery unitymbxdb1  select skip 0 first 100 description,bytesize FROM vw_mailbox order by bytesize desc

I'm with you on the remote DB access service but the security team insisted on that behavior and also that it have a time out associated with it.  It was either that or walk away from tools like COBRAS, CUDD, CUDLI etc... they may back off over time but they're a pretty "focused" group of folks I must say.

Your query works ok so long as you only have one mailbox store.  CxN supports up to 5 at which point a "top" type query gets a bit tricky.

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