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User is unable to access the CRA Administration page and an error message displays

Core Issue

The system cannot access the Cisco Customer Response Application (CRA) Administration web page. A required service may not be running or required files may be missing.


To resolve this issue, perform these steps:

  1. Make sure these services are running:     
    • CiscoCRAServletEngine service        
    • Internet Information Server (IIS) Admin service         
    • World Wide Web Publishing service   
  2. If these services are running, verify that files exist in the install_directory\tomcat_appadmin\webapps\appadmin\ directory, where install_directory is the folder in which the Cisco CRA system is installed.     
  3. By default, the Cisco CRA system is installed in the c:\Program Files\wfavvid folder.    

    If no files exist in this directory, perform these steps:  

    1. Stop the CiscoCRAServletEngine service.         
    2. Delete the appadmin folder from the tomcat_appadmin\webapps folder.       

      Note: This is located in the folder where you installed the Cisco CRA system.      

      By default, the Cisco CRA system is installed in the c:\Program Files\wfavvid folder.

    3. Start the CiscoCRAServletEngine service.         
    4. Wait a few minutes and try to browse to the URL again.

For more information on resolving Cisco CRA and Customer Response Solutions (CRS), refer to:

Common Errors

404: Page not found

Customer Response Solutions (CRS) Administration


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