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User is unable to install SIP version 4.x on a 7960G

Core Issue

A session ends when the user tries to install a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) version 4 release through a TFTP server. After 10 seconds, the TFTP server prompts to upload the file again.

The upgrade fails due to a change in the naming conventions of the images. The earlier code does not understand the new names with the dash characters.


To resolve this issue, perform these steps:

  1. Perform an interim load using the Packet Over SONET (POS) 30203 image.
  2. Load the later images.

    This code release uses the earlier format for the filenames, but it can understand the new format with the dashes.

  3. You may also need to change the image name in the SIPdefault.cnf file because this has a reference to the software image name as well.

For more information on configuring SIP parameters, refer to the Configuring SIP Parameters via a TFTP Server section of Getting Started With Your Cisco SIP IP Phone (Version 4.0).

IP Phone Models

7960 series

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