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Voice mail messages appear to be delayed

Core Issue

A voice mail message takes some time before it begins to play.


Perform this procedure to resolve the delay in the appearance of voice mail messages:

  1. Investigate whether the subscriber misunderstands how Cisco Unity delivers messages. Refer to the Subscriber Misunderstandings section of Cisco Unity Messages.
  2. Check to see if the Exchange server is down or disconnected. Refer to the Cisco Unity Primary Exchange Server Is Down or Is Disconnected section of Cisco Unity Messages.        
  3. If the messages in question are Audio Messaging Interchange Specification (AMIS) messages, refer to the AMIS Messages Are Unable to Be Delivered Promptly section of Cisco Unity Messages.

Refer to Cisco Unity Messages for more details.

Problem Type

Voicemail problems

Voicemail Problems

Voicemail behavior problems

Voicemail System


Failure Type


Delayed response: tone, call stage, music, greeting, prompt, message, announcement, etc.

When Problem Occurs

While listening to voicemail messages

When checking mailbox

Unity Version

Unity version earlier than 3.1(2)

Unity version 3.1(2) or later

Unity 2.x

Unity 4.x

Voicemail, Conference, CRS/IPCC, Autoattendant and TTS/ASR Functions

Voicemail message