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VXC 2x11 firmware upgrade problem using VXC Manager


VXC 2x11 Clients use FTP protocol by default to transfer the files from the VXC-M repository to the client itself.


If the repository is not properly configured,  after deploying a packet there is an error shown on the VXC Manager,   "Repository configured does not support ftp."


This error can be fixed configuring FTP on the repository through the following steps:

  1.          Verify if the repository is currently configured for FTP or only for HTTP: Go to Configuration Managerà Software Repositories
  2.          Check the protocols configured on the repository

  1.          If HTTP is the only protocol shown, right click on the repository and select properties.
  2.          Under Connection information, in the Transfer Type field, select HTTP and FTP
  3.          There will be a pop up window to confirm you want to change the  list of configured protocols for this repository. Click Yes.
  4.          Under FTP, by default complete as follows:

user/Group Name:  rapport

Password: r@p8p0rt+

  1. Click OK

[Note: In case that password does not work try another default password for rapport user,  password:  ThinMgmt_451]

  1.          There will be a window to confirm that the new setup works.
  2.          Now both protocols will be shown as configured and you can try to deploy the packet again.

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