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VXC Manager Troubleshooting: Image deployment failure due to FTP Software Repository issue


When deploying an image on the VXC 2211 using “Drag and drop” method got the error message: “imaging failed”

Troubleshooting Steps:

- Go to Diagnostic Report to generate a new report. In this report you can find information about  the Software repository, HServer, ThredX Manager, Standard Service,  etc.

- Right click on Configuration Manager->Diagnostic Report -> New -> Diagnostic:

-          A new report will be generated and open on a web browser

-          You  might get the following message:

-          Right click and allow the content.

-          If  there is any issue with the software repository you might find that on  Software Repository Information the FTP protocol test failed. If so,  follow the next steps to further troubleshoot and fix the problem.

-          Under Configuration Manager go to Software Repository

-          Right click on the repository and test the connection

-          when you click in ok there will be a test to verify the connection

-          if it fails:

-          Try to connect to the ftp repository using for example the cmd console.

Username: rapport

Password: by default is r@p8p0rt+ but it might have been changed.

-          If  the login fails, there might be a problem with the management of the  rapport user. Check the rapport user properties: On a windows system go  to Start-> Administrative Tools-> computer management

-          Then go to System tools--> local users and groups --> Users

-          Right click on rapport->Properties

-          Verify  that there is not any issues with the password, for example, check that  the password never expires and that the option “User must change  password at next logon” is not ticked. 

-          If  there is no problem with the configuration options, the password might  be wrong. You can reset the password for rapport but be careful as other  applications might use the same username. To reset the password, right  click on rapport-> Reset password.

-          Verify that you have solved the issues with the rapport password running the repository test or connecting to the ftp server.

-          Once it works try to deploy the image again.

-          Note  that sometimes there is an error message when deploying an image due to  timer although the error message is not very specific. You can reboot  the device and it would have the new image.

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