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VXCM View, Group, Group Types, Group Instances an DDC Configuration Example

This documentation, using an example, explain how to use VXCM View,  Group Types, Group Instances to organise the devices in the way you  need, and then use Default Device Configuration (DDC) to deploy multiple  required software packages to base-line all of your devices based on  their locations (DDC per location), so that the device in different  location will get their common software packages as well as their  corresponding location based configuration.


A  large number of VXC 6215 devices are deployed across multiple regions  (e.g Sydney and Brisbane), The regions that the devices belong to are  identified by the IP subnets from which the devices are sourced. Sydney  have 3 subnets, Brisbane have 3 subnets. The requirement is that we need  to build a logical view in VXCM to group the VXC 6215 devices by their  geographic location, and then apply different DDC based on their  geographic location grouping, e.g Syndey DDC apply on Sydney VXC 6215,  Brisbane DDC apply on Brisbane VXC 6215.


View  is the highest level container in organzing devices and it can be  applied to device manager and Default Device Configuration. Group Type  is the second level container which will contain Group Instances. Group  Type can be placed into View to form the hierarchies to further restict  the devices. Group Instances are created in the Group and physical  devices are assigned into Group Instances by manual drag-and-drop or  Subnet configurtaion.

Configuration Steps

We will create

One Multi-level (using more than one group types) view named VXC 6215,

One Custom Group Type named Regions

Two Group Instances named Sydney and Brisbane

One Default Device Configuration with different configurations for different groups

In  a nut shell, we need to use the Views, Group Type, and Group instancess  to form the hierarchies that is best representing the way you want to  organise the devices.

In  below example, I am creating a VXC 6215 View with Platform(Group Type) =  VXC6215, and further group the devices by Regions (Group Type) (Sydney –  Group Instance and Brisbane – Group Instance), and then eventually you  can use this view and groups in your DDC configuration:

1. Create a Group Type called "Region" from Configuration Manager -> Group Types, called Regions:


2. Create a View named VXC 6215, with Platform and Regions in the Group Type Hierachy:


3. In Advanced Configuration, Choose VXC6215 in Group Selections and add it into the Filter Criteria:

4. From Device Manager, switch View to the View you just created:


5.  You will find "<Unassigned>" folder is created under Device  Manager, and now you can right click the Device Manager to create a New  Group instance, Sydney and Brisbance. The New -> Group  option ONLY  appear when you switched the view to a view that is created in Step 2:


6.  After you created the group instances, you can either assign the  devices into the group instances by manually drag and drop from the  unassigned folder to the destination folder, e.g Sydney or you can  assign the subnets into the group, find the subnet configuration in  Configuration Manager, and select the subnet you want to configure:


6.  In the subnet configuration box, click on the Default Groups entry to  edit the default value, if you select Sydney group instance, all the  devices belong to this subnet will be assigned into this group instance,  and you can select multiple subnets to be assigned into this group by  repeating this step:

7.  After you finished assigning the devices into the group through the  subnet configuration, you can then configure your DDC to associate it  with your destination group:

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