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What are the various default accounts present in Cisco Unity when integrated with Microsoft Exchange?


Cisco Unity is a communications solution which delivers unified messaging (e-mail, voice, and fax messages sent to one inbox) and intelligent voice messaging. Cisco Unity integrates with desktop applications such as Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes.

Several default username/password combinations are present in all available releases of Cisco Unity when integrated with Microsoft Exchange. The accounts include a priviledged administrative account, as well as several messaging accounts used for integration with other systems.

These are the specified accounts with default passwords:

  • EAdmin<systemid>
  • UNITY_<servername>
  • UAMIS_<servername>
  • UOMNI_<servername>
  • UVPIM_<servername>
  • ESubscriber

Note: The account ESubscriber is only created    during installation of versions earlier to version 4.0(3). If your initial installation    of Cisco Unity is 4.0(3) or later, Esubscriber is not present.

This document applies to Unity 2.x, Unity 3.x and Unity 4.x