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What happens on Jabber logs/PRT during failover of CUPS nodes from primary to secondary?

You can use this to compare with customer logs. This is a successful  failover PRT log from the Jabber client when the CUPS pub is turned off  and the CUPS sub takes over after the timer expires.

2013-11-19 15:11:58,503 INFO  [0x00000a80] [ets\adapters\imp\control\Outage.cpp(436)] [Outage] [Outage::onNetworkDisconnected] - ****************ATTENTION*********************
2013-11-19  15:11:58,503 DEBUG [0x0000033c]  [sets\adapters\imp\components\Log.cpp(32)] [JabberWerx]  [IMPStackCap::Log::log] - [LoginMgr.dll]: conn, first attempt. count:0,  remain:4294967295, delta:0, initial-interval:10
2013-11-19  15:11:58,503 INFO  [0x00000a80]  [ets\adapters\imp\control\Outage.cpp(437)] [Outage]  [Outage::onNetworkDisconnected] - [state: CONNECTED]  onNetworkDisconnected
2013-11-19 15:11:58,503 INFO  [0x00000a80]  [ets\adapters\imp\control\Outage.cpp(352)] [Outage]  [Outage::handleOutage] - *********** Outage::handleOutage isNetworkLoss:  false
2013-11-19 15:11:58,503 INFO  [0x00000a80]  [ets\adapters\imp\control\Outage.cpp(313)] [Outage]  [Outage::setCapabilities] - IMP Outage::setCapabilities: 0

2013-11-19  15:11:58,518 DEBUG [0x0000033c]  [rc\framework\ServicesDispatcher.cpp(153)] [services-dispatcher]  [ServicesDispatcher::pumpNext] -  pumpNext.executing  (828,UpdateServerHealthStateTask)
2013-11-19 15:11:58,518 DEBUG [0x0000033c] [osticsplugin\HealthInfoObserver.cpp(185)] [plugin-runtime] [RefreshConnectionStatus] - Refreshing connection status for Presence to value Disconnected

2013-11-19  15:12:01,545 INFO  [0x0000033c]  [s\adapters\imp\components\Login.cpp(311)] [csf-unified.imp.Login]  [IMPStackCap::Login::OnReconnectionCountDown] - OnReconnectionCountDown: 75. Ignoring timer, this is currently disabled.
2013-11-19  15:12:02,559 DEBUG [0x0000033c]  [sets\adapters\imp\components\Log.cpp(32)] [JabberWerx]  [IMPStackCap::Log::log] - [LoginMgr.dll]: reconnect count down: 74
2013-11-19  15:12:02,559 INFO  [0x0000033c]  [s\adapters\imp\components\Login.cpp(311)] [csf-unified.imp.Login]  [IMPStackCap::Login::OnReconnectionCountDown] - OnReconnectionCountDown: 74. Ignoring timer, this is currently disabled.

The OnReconnectCountDown will eventually reach zero.

Then you will see connection to new server Sub

2013-11-19  15:13:16,502 DEBUG [0x0000033c]  [sets\adapters\imp\components\Log.cpp(32)] [JabberWerx]  [IMPStackCap::Log::log] - [LoginMgr.dll]: CLoginCup::ReconnectNetwork
2013-11-19  15:13:16,502 DEBUG [0x0000033c]  [sets\adapters\imp\components\Log.cpp(32)] [JabberWerx]  [IMPStackCap::Log::log] - [LoginMgr.dll]: CLoginCup::_connect
2013-11-19  15:13:16,502 INFO  [0x0000033c]  [sets\adapters\imp\components\Log.cpp(33)] [JabberWerx]  [IMPStackCap::Log::log] - [LoginMgr.dll]: login, cup:10.x.x.x



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Brilliant peace of work. This is what we expect from Cisco. Keep up the good work. I will be watching out for your new docuemts and Videos :-)