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What is a .COP file & can COP files be UnInstalled ?

  • What is a COP file ?

COP stands for “Cisco Options Package”.

It's a compressed TAR/RPM file that has a .cop file extension. 

The software installer untars the cop file and looks for a “” script inside it.

The script contains all the logic to install the accompanying files.

This script runs with root privileges.


  • Is a COP file mandatory for ALL customers ?

Not always (It depends)

There are some COP files which are needed for ALL customers, and they get posted along with the UCCX image in CCO (Cisco Connection Online)

There are COPs posted along with 8.5(1)SU1 version which is applicable for all the customers. 

In most cases, we do provide COPs to individual customers.


  • Can COP files be UnInstalled ?


A special request needs to be placed to the Engineering Team (BU), who will prepare a Reverse-COP to undo the changes to the COP file provided.

Otherwise, the Engineering Team can manually uninstall the COP file.

AFAIK there is an enhancement bug request for this, but to the day it is not possible to uninstall .COP files without reinstalling the system.
Here is the enhancement bug ID:




Uploading/Installing a COP file to CUCM for CTS 1.8+



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VIP Purple

thanks for sharing details on COP[+5]




New Member

I'm upgrading UCCX from 8.0(2) to 11.5(1).  I first upgraded from 8.0 to 8.6 doing the refresh upgrade.  Now I need to make the next jump to 10.6 and it tells me I need to first install the refresh upgrade COP, but when I try to install the refresh upgrade it tells me the file is already installed.  Do you know if there is a way out of this loop short of a DRS backup and restore?  Is it possible to reinstall a COP file?

Cisco Employee

which cop file are you trying on install & also send me the following commands output "show version active" & "show version inactive"