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What is the meaning of -v parameter when configuring the Point of Presence (POP) names setting in Edge Proxy (EP) and Service Engine (SE) in Call Session Control Platform (CSCP) 3.0 ?


The -v (value) is the server or server group name to be associated with the specified POP element name. This name defines how other network elements (such as the SE) refer to this server or server group. This is an EP example:

dsedge[route-mgmt]> pop-names -n self -v IP

dsedge[route-mgmt]> pop-names -n self -v ep.pop1.siplab

In the SE, self is defined in these two ways:

  • self: a POP element name of self to define how other network elements identify this server. This is an example:

          dsse[route-mgmt]>pop-names -n self -v

  • self-address: a POP element name of self-address to identify the SE itself. This is an example:         

        dsse[route-mgmt]>pop-names -n self-address -v

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