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When a call is placed on hold, the default tone on hold is heard despite Music On Hold services being configured on the CallManager

Core Issue

In an IP telephony environment, the Music On Hold (MOH) servers are configured so the audio from the MOH server is played to the calling party on hold. However, in this case the calling party hears the default hold tone. This happens with any calling or called party. There are two MOH servers registered to two Cisco CallManagers.

The Media Resource Groups (MRG) and Media Resource Group Lists (MRGLs) are configured as well as device pools. The phones are assigned to the device pools.


To resolve this issue, ensure that the MOH servers are correctly registered to the corresponding Cisco CallManagers.

For example, in the MOH server configuration page of each of your MOH servers, verify that MOH_Server_A is registered to CCM_A and not CCM_B. Also, verify that MOH_Server_B is registered with CCM_B. If they are not registered, configure their respective device pools with the appropriate Cisco CallManager groups.

For the proper configuration, perform these steps:

  1. Configure Cisco CallManager groups CCM_GrpA and CCM_GrpB with CCM_A and CCM_B as the highest Cisco CallManager.
  2. Create two new device pools, DevicePool_A and DevicePool_B, and assign them to CCM_GrpA and CCM_GrpB, respectively.
  3. Assign CCM_A and CCM_B to DevicePool_A and DevicePool_B, respectively.
  4. Reset the MOH servers.

Now each MOH server registers with the Cisco CallManager it is on.

For more information and monitoring tips on MOH server issues, refer to the Monitoring Music On Hold Performance section of Music On Hold.